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Be Cyber Safe

Y5 Cyberbullying

Crime Prevention Education

This lesson focuses on a young girl who unwittingly becomes a victim of cyberbullying. The DVD illustrates the vulnerability of children to this form of bullying and the impact it can have on their lives. The lesson highlights the problem and promotes discussion and debate around the issue.

0. Lesson Overview - KS2U Be Cyber Safe (PDF)
Schools in Wales can request delivery of Be Cyber Safe through their local Schools Police Officer. Learn more about our joint working approach on this link.

Teacher Support Materials and Activities

0. Lesson Overview - KS2U Be Cyber Safe (PDF)
0. Teacher Notes - KS2U Be Cyber Safe (PDF)
2.a online grouping cards (PDF)
2.b. SMART worksheet (PDF)
3.a matching cards (PDF)
4a. Nathan Story (PDF)
4b. A4 Scenario cards (PDF)
4b. A5 Scenario cards (PDF)
5a. Internet true life stories (PDF)
5a. Internet true life stories (PPTX)
5b. What would you do (PPTX)
8a. Be Cyber Safe A3 (PDF)
8a. Be Cyber Safe A4 (PDF)