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No Means No

Y9–11 Sexual Consent

Crime Prevention Education

This lesson introduces the concept of consent and develops strategies to empower young people to understand sexual consent. Pupils watch a short film clip to trigger group discussion around sexual consent, the law and its consequences and explore scenarios to enable them to make informed decisions. The lesson also highlights local and national support agencies.

0. Lesson overview (PDF)
Schools in Wales can request delivery of No Means No through their local Schools Police Officer. Learn more about our joint working approach on this link.

Teacher Support Materials and Activities

0. Lesson overview (PDF)
0. Teacher notes (PDF)
10a. Statement cards (PDF)
10b. traffic light cards (PDF)
10c. Know when it is time to stop (PPTX)
11a. Script scene 7 (PDF)
11b. Script scene 8 (PDF)
12a. Summary sheet (PDF)
12b. Matching statements (PDF)
13a. Legal illegal quiz (PPTX)
15a. Script scene 9 (PDF)
15b. Script scene 10 (PDF)
15c. Script scene 11 (PDF)
15d. Double bubble diagram (PDF)
15e. Definitions (PPTX)
15f. Thinking map (PDF)
16a. Legal process cards (PDF)
16b. Legal process flowchart A3 (PDF)
17a. Picture prompts (PPTX)
19a Opinion finder cards (PDF)
19b. Opinion finder ppt (PPTX)
1a. Agree disagree (PDF)
1b. Statement cards (PDF)
1c. Agree disagree A5 (PDF)
1d. Values continuum (PPTX)
20a Scenario cards (PPTX)
20b. Mind map (PDF)
21. Sources of support (PDF)
2a. Sweet Dreams complete script (PDF)
2b. Mind map relationships (PDF)
3a. Script scene 1 (PDF)
3b. Script scene 2 (PDF)
3c. Character cards (PDF)
3d. Feelings cards (PDF)
4a. Is this a healthy relationship (PDF)
4b. Script scene 3 (PDF)
4c. Script scene 4 (PDF)
4d. Do's dont's healthy relationships (PDF)
5a. Script scene 5 (PDF)
5b. When is the right time cards (PDF)
5c. Header cards (PDF)
5d. Agree disagree (PDF)
5e. When is the right time ppt (PPTX)
6a. Script scene 6 (PDF)
6b. Character description cards (PDF)
6c. Prompt card Ben (PDF)
6d. Prompt card Chloe (PDF)
6e. Prompt card Mike (PDF)
6f. Prompt card Rosie (PDF)
6g. Prompt question sheet (PDF)
9a. Card sort activity (PDF)