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Extreme Encounters

Y8 Radicalisation and Extremism

Crime Prevention Education

Guidance from the Home Office and from Welsh Government sets out in detail the crucial role schools play in keeping young people safe from exploitation through radical and extremist ideologies. In this lesson, pupils learn and understand what radicalisation, extremism and terrorism is. They learn to spot the signs when someone is becoming radicalised and learn how to safeguard friends from extreme influences and what help and support is available. A film resource following the story of Rhodri and Kas plays an integral part within the lesson. Both boys become radicalised, one boy is influenced by religious extremism and another by extreme right-wing beliefs.

Schools in Wales can request delivery of Extreme Encounters through their local Schools Police Officer. Learn more about our joint working approach on this link.

Teacher Support Materials and Activities

01 extremism teacher follow-up (PDF)
1d do you know (PDF)
2a mind map (PDF)
2b gang culture (PPTX)
2c speaking frame (PDF)
2d continuum cards (PDF)
3a Extreme attitudes (PPTX)
3b definitions (PDF)
3c discussion cards (PDF)
3d agree diasagree cards (PDF)
3e speaking frame (PDF)
3f picture cards (PDF)
3g too extreme acceptable cards (PDF)
3h Extreme actions (PPTX)
3i legal illegal cards (PDF)
4a sorting cards (PDF)
4b Legal and illegal activities (PPTX)
4c teacher support notes (PDF)
5a campaign photographs (PDF)
5b photographs (PPTX)
6a Image (PPTX)
6b word cards (PDF)
6c joe's story script (PDF)
7b questions (PDF)