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Risky Pics

Y7 Sexting

Crime Prevention Education

A short film provides the focal point of this lesson where Erin, a schoolgirl makes the decision to send an indecent image of herself to her boyfriend. The film presents the consequences for Erin when she presses 'send' and shows the different course of events when she chooses to 'delete'. Pupils discuss the social and emotional consequences of sexting and discover what the Law says. Pupils are then signposted to help available.

0. Lesson Overview - KS3 Risky Pics (PDF)
Schools in Wales can request delivery of Risky Pics through their local Schools Police Officer. Learn more about our joint working approach on this link.

Teacher Support Materials and Activities

0. Lesson Overview - KS3 Risky Pics (PDF)
0. Teacher notes - KS3 Risky Pics (PDF)
11a. Human Bingo (PDF)
12a. Opinion finder statements (PDF)
12b. Risk cards (PDF)
12c. Phone cards (PDF)
12d. Headings (PDF)
13a. To post or not to post (PPTX)
13b. Selfie photo cards (PDF)
14a. Scenario 1 (PDF)
14b. Scenario 2 (PDF)
14c. Scenario 3 (PDF)
15a. Decision grid (PDF)
15b. Definition (PDF)
15c. The law (PDF)
1a. Risky Pics film clip (MP4)
1a. Risky Pics film clip (WMV)
1b. Character mind maps (PDF)
3a. Lowri s story (PPTX)
3b. Lowri s story script (PDF)
3c. Question sheet (PDF)
3d. Photo card (PDF)
3e. Offences cards (PDF)
3f. Teacher support notes (PDF)
3g. The wrong choices (PPTX)
4a. Lowri s feelings (PDF)
4b. Lowri s feelings (PDF)
4c. Lowri question card (PDF)
4d. Lowri s journal (PDF)
5a. Marcus information sheet (PDF)
5b. Marcus prompt card (PDF)
6a. Spidergrams (PDF)
6b. The outcomes (PPTX)
7a. Multiple choice questionnaire (PDF)
7a. Working out sexting questionnaire (PDF)
7b. Working out sexting answers (PPTX)
8a. Short stories (PDF)
9a. Statements card (PDF)
Sexting Campaign Poster - Female (74255 b) (PDF)
Sexting Campaign Poster - Male (74255 b) (PDF)