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Hidden Hurt

Y9 Domestic Abuse

Crime Prevention Education

This lesson with the use of a short film entitled Hidden Hurt focuses on a young couple called Carys and Rhys and their relationship. The lesson helps young people to understand the different forms of domestic abuse and using interactive activities pupils are empowered to identify the warning signs of an abusive relationship. Scenarios are used to help the pupils identify how to access help and support.

0. Lesson Overview - KS3 Hidden Hurt (PDF)
Schools in Wales can request delivery of Hidden Hurt through their local Schools Police Officer. Learn more about our joint working approach on this link.

Teacher Support Materials and Activities

0. Lesson Overview - KS3 Hidden Hurt (PDF)
0. Teacher Notes - KS3 Hidden Hurt (PDF)
10a. Mei Li s story (PPTX)
2a. Character cards (PDF)
3a. Situation photo cards (PDF)
5a. Friendship pyramid (PDF)
5b. Friendship pyramid (PDF)
6a. Sorting statements cards (PDF)
6b. Venn diagram (PDF)
7a. Categories of abuse cards (PPTX)
8a. Values continuum cards (PPTX)
8b. Scenarios (PPTX)
Optional - Hidden Hurt Poster (PDF)