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Below is the matrix of lessons that your Schools Police Officer (SPO) can offer to deliver in your school. The Teachers Section provides follow up material for each of these lessons. Access any of the follow up work by clicking on the matrix.

Safe Haven
Y1-2 Safety Domestic Abuse
Playing Safe
Y1 Safety
Right and Wrong
Y2 Behaviour
Y3 Internet Safety
Friend or Foe
Y4 Safety Abuse
Be Cyber Safe
Y5 Internet Safety Cyberbullying
I Didn't Think
Y5-6 Anti-Social Behaviour
The Park
Y5 Anti-Social Behaviour
Picture This!
Y5-6 Mobile Phones
So, What's the Problem?
Y6 Drugs Alcohol and Solvents
The Right to Be Safe
Y6 Safer Relationships
Thinking About Drinking
Y7 Drugs Alcohol
Risky Pics
Y7 Sexting
New and Nasty
Y7 Drugs NPS
Kiddo's Choice
Y7 Consequences of Crime
Rue the Day
Y8 Drugs
Look Who's Talking
Y8 Internet Safety
Tricked and Trapped
Y8 County Lines
Extreme Encounters
Y8 Extremism and Radicalisation
Dangerous Deception
Y9 Sexual Exploitation
Double Trouble
Y9 Drugs Alcohol
No Means No
Y9-11 Sexual Consent
Hidden Hurt
Y9 Safer Relationships Domestic Abuse
Why Weapons?
Y9 Safety
Class Act
Y10 Drugs
Vanity Insanity
Y10-11 Drugs SIEDs
Save Me!
Y10 Diversity
Fatal Distraction
Y10 Safety Car Crime
Y11-13 Safety Traffic Collisions


2023-24-Lesson-Matrix-SchoolBeat (PDF)
JWA-2023-blank-en (PDF)
BILINGUAL Primary School Lesson Descriptors Easy Access Schools 2023 (PDF)
BILINGUAL Secondary Lesson Descriptors easy access 2023 (PDF)